Frequently asked questions


Will new windows from Blaurock reduce noise levels from outside?

New windows and doors from Blaurock have a great sound insulation in addition to the thermal insulation. Double or even triple glazings reduce the noises coming from outside massively. We even offer special sound proofed glazing if you wish.

Do Blaurock uPVC windows or doors discolour or fade?

Our windows and doors are high quality products and don't discolour or fade.

Do Blaurock uPVC windows and doors have adequate security features?

The security of our customers is very important to us. That's why we offer a standard of surrounding solid safety mushroom fittings to protect you from burglary.

What is the lifetime of Blaurock uPVC windows and doors?

Blaurock uPVC windows and doors have an average lifetime of 35 years. As the material can be recycled up to 10 times it is very environmentally friendly as no other material can be in use for 350 years.

Are Blaurock uPVC windows and doors environmentally friendly?

All our windows and doors are extremely environmentally friendly as the material can be recycled up to 10 times which gives it a lifetime of 350 years. In addition to that, all our products have a great thermal insulation with high quality materials as well as innovative glazing in use which reduces your energy consumption massively and contributes to the environment. For more detailed information, please click here.

Is it worth to choose triple glazing over double glazing?

Triple glazed windows reduce the u-value of windows more, which means that your window will be better thermally insulated and more energy efficient compared to a double glazed window. However, if it is worth for your personal needs to choose a triple over a double glazing we recommend to get in contact with our specialists who can advice you with the most suitable solution for your home.

What are the benefits of using double glazed windows?

Double glazed windows have several benefits over single glazed windows that's why we have double glazed windows as a standard for our customers. Double glazing provides a much better thermal insulation with its two layers and gas filled gap in between. That means it will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter and reduces your energy consumption whether for air conditioning or heating. Furthermore, it also reduces noises from outside and increases the security of your home as it is much harder to break through. Another benefit is the reduction of interior fading as double glazed windows reduce the transmission of UV radiation.

What are the advantages of roller shutters integrated in the frame of the window?

Blaurock uPVC windows with integrated roller shutters in the frame of the window have many benefits over competitors products and solution. Advantages are a significant gain of natural light, great aesthetics, energy saving, ease of service, heat and sound insulation as well as an increase in privacy and security. For more detailed information, please visit our product page for our uPVC windows with integrated roller shutters.